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  1. past of anoint


  1. a person who has been anointed, especially for religious reasons

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Anointed is a Contemporary Christian music duo consisting of siblings Steve and Da'dra Crawford. Their musical style includes elements of R&B, funk, and piano ballads. The group has won seven Dove Awards, two Stellar Awards and three Grammy Award nominations. The group has also been featured on several Christian compilation albums such as Real Life Music, 1996 and WOW The 90s.


Anointed was formed in 1988, by Nee-C Walls, Mary Tiller, Da'dra Crawford and Steve Crawford. They were all still in high school at that time. Their debut, Spiritual Love Affair, was released in 1993 on Brainstorm Records, and distributed by Myrrh Records, a subsidiary of Word.

1995 The Call

In 1995 Anointed released their second album, "The Call". This album would go on to become their best selling album to date, and to this day it is one of the best selling and popular contemporary Christian albums of the 90's, but controversy came with it. "The Call" won three Dove Awards, a Stellar award and a Grammy nomination. In January of 1996, fans began to see only three members of the group making concert appearances. Mary Tiller had left the group in January 1996. The group released "Under the Influence" in October 1996, without Tiller.
After the release of the group's fourth album in 1999, an extended tour followed. Nee-C Walls left the group in 2000 for other pursuits. Both Da'dra and Steve were physically exhausted and uncertain as to their next move. . Plans for the original group to reunite are uncertain.


Steve and Da'dra are currently a part of the Praise and Worship Team at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Mary Tiller and Nee-c Walls continue to produce and write music for artists out of Nashville, Tennessee including Cece Winans, Natalie Grant and others. There are rumors of all four member reuniting for the next album but this information has not been confirmed by the group.


  • Spiritual Love Affair (1993), Myrrh Records - Debut
  • The Call (1995), Myrrh Records
  • Under The Influence (1996), Myrrh Records
  • Anointed (1999), Myrrh Records
  • If We Pray (2001), Word Records
  • The Best Of Anointed (2003), Word Records - Compilation album of 12 songs from previous releases
  • Now Is The Time (2005), Sony Urban Gospel

Special releases

  • It's in God's Hands Now (1994), Sony BMG - single
  • Under the Influence (1996), Sony BMG - single

Other contributions

  • Beautiful, special contribution to a Left Behind soundtrack
  • Second Chances, song featured on the soundtrack of the VeggieTales Jonah film
  • Waiting In The Wings (1996), Myrrh Records - song from Under The Influence featured on the compilation album Real Life Music


Dove Awards

Other awards

Anointed have also won two Stellar Awards and have been nominated for a Grammy thrice.
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